What's the opinion on this amp ? I'm looking for a second amp, as I need a new amp for my setup for when my band is ready to gig for volume purposes.

Coming from people who have played it, how would you compare the amp to say the Marshall DSL range ?

I have a DSL401 fitted with Celestion Vintage 30. I have a heavy rock/metal style tone (gain about 7, treble 8, bass 7, mids 3-4) with a Ibanez Tubescreamer always on and a MXR 6 Band EQ in the FX loop for fine tuning.

How do you think my gear would sound in a Windsor compared to the DSL, overdrive wise ???? As far as I know the Windsor ain't for cleans by any means.

Any recommendations for a sweet clean sounding amp with a budget of say £400-£500 ?????

My Equipment:

PRS SE Singlecut (EMG 81 in bridge, EMG 60 in neck)
Spector Arc Pro 6 (Tesla Vintage Pickups)
Epiphone SG

Dirty Amp Setup: MXR Doubleshot Distortion>Ibanez Tubescreamer>MXR Smart Gate

FX Loop of Dirty Amp: MXR Custom Shop Variphase 90>Boss Flanger>Boss Phase Shifter>MXR Smart Gate>MXR 6 Band EQ

Clean Amp: Boss Acoustic Simulator>Boss Chorus Ensemble>EHX Holy Stain

Bypassed through Boss Line Selector: Boss TU-2>Digitech Whammy>Dunlop Dime Crybaby DB-01
The Dsl would be a little more modern voiced than it!

The windsors a great amp but if your looking for cleans it wouldnt be my first choice!

Look into the roland Jazz chorus!! they go pretty cheap and are amazing!
i never even thought of the Roland, I had Fender and Vox in mind, good shout !
I love the Windsor, unfortunatly the stack is to big for what i need so im holding out for the Studio combo amp which if it sounds as good as the stack, il be in heaven. As far as cleans, i plan to AB between that and my Line 6 combo. Perfecto!
TS, how do you find the Holy Stain?
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