Im going to see CKY this november and im thinking of bringing my jackson and having them sign it after the show.

one of my older friends actually went up to talk to them after and actually hung out with them.

if deron and chad singed my guitar, i think i would rather sell it than keep it though
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You might be able to get it done, but I wouldn't sell it. Autographs aren't worth much these days, and no offense, but CKY isn't exactly the biggest band around right now. You probably wouldn't get much more for it with the signatures than you would without them.
yeah, but would you just hold on to your guitar for the whole show?
would security even let u bring it in?
So you're going to hang on to your guitar all the way through the show? You better be in the stands....

You can probably get it done. My friend got Children of Bodom and In Flames to sign his guitar
If security doesn't have a problem with it, I don't see why not, but would you really want the burden of holding on to it the whole time instead of just enjoying the music?
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Wait until they die if you're planning on selling an autograph.

yep... but I'm not sure with CKY...
1. get guitar signed
2. murder the band
3. ???
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