Yes another help me thread. Well i have a korg chromatic tuner and it doesnt like to read the cgcf tuning but does fine for bfbe is there an alternative way for me to get cgcf
Press the double flat button (or the flat button twice) and tune to EADG. Then, press the flat button twice again (if you're able to quadruple flat) and tune your lowest string to E. If you can't, just double flat and tune it to D.
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Fourth fret on the actual E and D strings, and tune both down until they read E. 2nd fret on A string till it reads A, and 2nd on string until it reads G

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i would try tuning with the 12th fret harmonic, or maybe the 5th fret harmonic, alot of tuners (unless made for bass) won't read the low notes, but playing the harmonic will work