every time i try to upload a song onto my music myspace, it says the file is too large. then, the link that says 'figure out how to resize it' leads to a 'sorry! an error occored(sp, i no) and has been forwarded to the myspace technical group." so, anyone know what i can do to resize the files? If you recomand UG, its the wrong file format, so any suggestions? thanks in adv.
Don't use myspace? You don't need it to show your friends your musical taste.

Or do you?
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my friend who made the JFAC fan page said the smae thing happened but they deleted him cuz myspace music is "only for artists"

he was gettin popular too

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I just copy the song, open it up in Audacity, and export in an mp3 format at 96 k/s. You don't need 320 k/s quality songs for MySpace seeing as they're converted to 96 k/s quality after you upload them anyways.

I've found it's done processing within the first 10 minutes and is ready for play if you do that.