This is my first post on here. Im a beginner guitar player, and bought a Vox AD50VT amp and a Tonelab LE for effects. I got the Tonelab LE since I figured with both products being VOX they would work wonderfully together. Well after reading both manuals time and time again, and repeatedly playing with the various setting Im still having some problems, and I was looking for some help...

Problem #1- Buzzing sound coming from the amp. I turn the volume down and I dont hear anything, I turn it up to the point of hearing some sound but it always is accompanied with buzzing.

Problem #2- When flipping through the banks and programs I only can hear about half of them. Im yet to find one with a clean sound. I have to turn up the tonelab and amp to full power to hear some programs, and I dont think I should have to adjust the volume as much as I have to to hear a clean sound.

I have my amp on manual when running the lonelab with it, and am bypassing the amp effects. Is this correct? Even with the amp on manual when turning the amp presets knob, it still adjusts the sound. Is this suppose to happen?

Thanks for your help,
tonelab is just the tooled up valvetronix in floorpedal form. return the amp and get something loud and clean, ala twin reverb.
The buzz might be your guitar, rather than the amp.

And isn't the AD50 a bit of a beast for a beginner?
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