In Jazz band we are playing an arrangement called Bb blues scale. It's pretty easy to play. So I play that while people are soloing, but when I get to my solo I play some pretty simple stuff. Like what I was already playing. Got any suggestions on how I could show my skills and still stay in Bb?
learn your scales. and if you can't solo that well then you don't really have any skills to show. atleast while soloing anyways.
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first thing you do... take the scale, play with rhythm... play with rests...

before you switch the notes up, just work on changing timing... some of the best solos just use staccatos and rests to make a statement
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Play as fast as you can


Listen to blues music and get ideas for licks, and learn some licks people like Jimmy Page (best I could think of) play.
well, it's a Bb BLUES scale..

instead of being Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb,
it's actualy..........Bb, Db, Eb, E(natural), F, Ab, Bb
so i'd use THAT scale, 8va (up an octave)

and since it's blues use small little ideas, slide out of 'em

(just swing it)
^as an example of just a 1 measure kind of thing

don't play fats.. play rythmecly and melodicaly
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First of all....
I play a 12bar Bb Blues Bass Line

Bb D F G Ab G F D Bb D F G Ab G F
Eb G Bb C Db C Bb G Ab D F G Ab G F
F A C Eb Eb G Bb Db Ab D F G Ab G F D

Some might be wrong but I think its right. SO anyways what about these ideas..
-Try to do the samething as the person did before you but better.
-Play the same thing but with ocataves or using scales
-Play it fast
-Guitar swing =]

Where can I get scales?? lol
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...hmmm solo...

just play the main riff of some funny childsong. Should get everyone to adore you!