I was kinda jumpin around on the internet lookin at basic recording stuff and found out they make loop station pedals that record and overdub. I'm pretty new to guitar and my teachers always telling me how valuable something like this would be for practice. I was looking at the Digitech JamMan and it looks incredible but i was lookin for some outside opinions.
I've got the boss rc-20xl and I'm very happy with it. Easy to use and sounds pretty good for the price. There are usually some on ebay for under 100 bucks.

I sold my Parker Nitefly, Line 6 POD X3 Live and Crate Powerblock on Ebay. I'm depressed about it, so if I'm grumpy, that's why. = (
i'm using a JamMan, it's really good for instant recording. i dont just use it as a loop station, i pretty much use it as a recording device (sick of clicking around with a mouse to begin record)
it stores everything in a CF memory card, so its pretty awesome