Both these bands are closely related but who do you guys think has better music, the foos or nirvana, i personaly like the foos better
I dont know, i like them both the same really. They both have their strong points.

Although it shouldnt be my buisness, i get really mad when people are obsessive over nirvana. They get really ignorant sometimes.
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i prefer nirvana but they both are amazing imo
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They are two completly different bands. They are two of my favorites though
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Oh and Nirvana>>>>>>>>>>Foo Fighters
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I think I prefer the Foo Fighters, but that's because they are a little more structured, organized and dynamic (all of which are just preferences). Not that the Foos are groundbreaking...
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I LIKE Nirvana better, but the Foos ARE better. (If that makes sense at all)

In what aspect? Sure, they're a bit more technical than Nirvana, but the Foo Fighters are generally pretty forgettable, I find.
Id have to say Foo Fighters.I dont really get how Dave Grohl went from Nirvana to them.Nirvanas good but its really unhappy sounding.While the Foo Fighters have a much more upbeat sound to them.
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