On a guitar such as an ESP (LTD) Alexi-600, that has a passive HZ pickup, would it be wise to install a gain booster such as this one?:


Would that be possible, and if so, would it be a good idea? I know Laiho has an MM-04 gain booster installed on his guitars, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that.
Not sure, but Alpha music is like Disneyland to me

You might as well get active pickups
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Hm...I was thinking about just swapping it out for an EMG Active, but I was wondering how to get tone really similar to Alexi Laiho's. I'm not trying to be some fanboy here that just copies Laiho for no reason. I really do just want to get similar tone to him, and I figured since he runs an HZ pickup with a gain booster I should think about that too.

But any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
didnt he switch to SD Blackouts?

anyways, I think it'd be a really cool idea to get a gain booster in your guitar
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I don't see why it would be bad. Looks as if its an easy invisible installation. I guess I'm going to show my ignorance but what is the power source? If it has a battery it needs to be easily accessible.
I am an active pickups hater, so I would much rather boost a passive.
Alright, I'm thinking about buying an EMG PA-2 to go along with my Alexi-600 (which I am about to order very soon).

Question: I hear that these gain boosters add a lot of white noise when used on the overdrive channel. If that is true, how can I have the added gain of the EMG PA-2 without all that unwanted noise?
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All gain boosters add some noise, some more than others, from barely perceptable to objectionable. I would check for reviews on that particular booster, but EQ or a noise gate may be the remedy. I personally don't think an active pickup and a booster would be a good combination.
Hey im thinking of installing an MM-04 on my Explorer. Do you need to drill any holes on the guitar? Other than that it looks like a fairly simple installation, especially since the explorer is a New Century (All electric parts attached to its pickguard). And yes I also need to know if it's battery powered or not. Thanks
im reviving this thread for a reason. i have an edwards alexi blacky that came with the SD blackout and the mm-04. it is powered off of just one 9v and i have so much white noise it keeps me from playing that guitar. idk if its bad circuitry in the booster or just a bad pickup. im in the middle of investigating this issue. the reason i am thinking that it is the p-up more than the booster is because the noise is just as noticeable when it is turned off and when on, it just makes it worse. im talkin about like a radio thats tuned to a station with no signal. its that bad. prolly will end up replacing the blackout unfortunately and hope to god its a faulty pickup