Okay, how many of you would recommend a Dean VX as a long term use guitar?

And, Which one looks better to you, Brazilian Sun Burst, or Black?

I'll post a link if you really need one, but I don't think that you will.
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I think for a V with curves brazilian sunburst suits it much better buuut as far as long term you'd best look up reviews, the spec doesnt look bad i suppose
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I don't own one myself but a friend of mine has a Dean from the X series (the ZX, not he VX, but they are simmilar) These guitars offer great value for money. Don't expect a very good guitar, but in the cheap prince range they are in they are one of the best (if you shop arround a bit you might also find one with discount). Because of the short scale length these guitars are pretty easy to play (low action), an ofcourse they look pretty cool. They do go out of tune quickly though, and the pickups aren't all that good.
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