How do you go about getting that sorta metal tone line the one in the song "the light that blinds".
And does the tuning of the bass effect it any?
And it uses effect pedals is there a way i could get close to it using a Behringer Ultrabass BXL900A
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The song is tuned in drop C I believe, CGCF. Paul usually sets his EQ flat to cut through the heavy guitars and crazy double bass. He does his tone shaping with a Tech 21 NYC bass driver.

BUT, on your amp?

Scoop the mids just a tiny, tiny bit for that thick, chunky, bass sound. Then boost the high mids and treble for some punch and attack in your tone. Use a pick obviously since Paul does. But to be frank (Can I still be Garth?) you'll never get the exact Paul Romanko tone on a Behringer.
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