i've been trying to learn some stuff with pretty large gaps 2 to 7th fretts is one giving me particular trouble... anywhoo is there anything i can do on a regular basis to increase my finger streching abilities

(not quite sure if this goes here but w/e)
yep. stretch your fingers apart on your left hand by applying light pressure with your right hand.

good ones are to do the "live long and prosper" thing with your left hand, and stretch them apart using your thumb and middle finger of your right hand.

then do the same thing between your index and other 3, and pinky and other 3.

also, stretch your fingers backward and forward. and stretch your wrist too.

do all of these several times daily. it's easy, cause you can do them anywhere, any time. my left hand can stretch a lot easier and much more than my right hand now.
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play some allan holdsworth stuff.. the guy's particularly fond of combining hard stretches, it's not necessarily about the biggest distance, but hell you've gotta stretch, and it gives a good demonstration of how just 1 frets difference can torment your fingers..

try these chords for example :


chords in this order : DmMaj9/A - D6/9 - Am7 - Adim - Adim+9

i put the last dim chord up an octave, cuz otherwise it requires some picking hand action to get the 9th right.. see how far down the neck you can take it..
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