I found two similar guitars and I can't decide on which is better.
The Michael Kelly Valor T?

Or the Prs Custom Se with trem?

Whichever one I get will be in the trans black finish.
I play alter-bridge, metallica, guns n' roses, and all other similar stuff.
Don't worry about the amp, cause I usually borrow my friend's tube amp when it comes to gigs.
So which one?

Edit: Btw, I'm gonna be abusing that trem.
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The MK has a solid carved top, the PRS is just a thin veneer. The trem on the MK is not floating, so you won't be doing any dive-bombs or extreme whammy bar stuff, its more like a Fender style synchronized trem (Strat.) The specs on the MK look better to me.
not really that right guitars to look for if you want a trem.
If you are going to abuse it then i would say neather of those