okay, Wtf is with it
i obviously know what it is, and what it stands for
but how did that day come to be

I'm aware that hitler was born april 20th 1889 but was the date set In his honour or is there another story?
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ITS THE DAY YOU GET ****ED UP!!!! mostly just weed, but i saw other things last year. it was on a friday but i think that because of the leap year thing in 08 its on a sunday, which blows, my bday got moved from friday to sunday too
A 420 is wat cops use as code to refer to drug possession
thus 4/20 is national weed day
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as stated above i OBVIOUSLY know what it stands for im just wondering how the actual date came to be
but temeloud's answer seems reasonable enough
thanks i guess.
i was told it was the police code for possesion of maryjane

"we got a 420 over on south beach"

you know..