i'm in love with this song so i thought it'd be fun to try even though the original is basically perfect. i used a drum machine for the first time, so i'm not toooo happy with the drums, but oh well. thoughts? i'll crit back in a speedy fashion if you leave a link.

link is in siggg.
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Very nice! Clean, great sounding recording, and the vocals actually remind me of Isaac's. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for, but they sounded good nonetheless! The instruments are perfect and the drums sound fine.

I took a look at your other songs too, it reminds me of Tegan & Sara, who I see are on your friends list. You do a great job, keep it up!
Wow:O You are talented! Wasn't expecting this...You build up this cover very well, I think you worked quite i long time with this one..Everything sounds perfect.
Think I will listen to it a few more times<33 hehe
great job!
^thanks a lot guys! i wasn't expecting such positive responses since i didn't exactly learn the guitar the correct way. it actually didn't take me very long to do since i recorded most everything in one take. i get a little bored redoing every little part these days.

oh and thanks muchly for the tegan and sara comparison!
You've got some good stuff in this. The guitar is nice and smooth. It flows very well. You're voice is also very nice. Kind of like a... well I can't really describe it. It's good though, good job!
Vocals were too quiet and you were barely singing...But they still sounded good for what they were

Guitars, everything else was spot on.
^Thanks. I just used my keyboard for the intro. I think its like an ocarina style or something and then I added reverb.

Radio Addict, you think the vocals are too quiet in the mix? or you're just saying i'm not singing strong enough? I don't have monitors but the vocals are easily heard in my headphones. I was kind of holding back on the vocals on purpose just so it had sort of a laid back vibe.
This is done pretty well. Great job on the mix, levels seem as good as they can be. The guitar has a good tone. The vocals sound really good. They get better as the song goes on. Improvements? maybe layer the vocals with some light harmonies or something, but I'm not really sure if the original has those so its up to you. Good job!