Here I sit, in a dreary spell,
What am I waiting for? only time will tell.

Looking at the clock,
time goes on,
Whenever you're gone or not,
Whenever we will be rembered or not.

The secounds, The Hours, The Days,
They go past, we go on without care.

Until into death we stare,
Who will remember us?
Will we dissolve in time?

So many pepole,
So many lifetimes,
Gone to waste.

Time goes on,
It kills us,
time is death eventuallly,

As we're born,
The hourglass is turned,
The sand falls,
But we'll never learn.
Hmm, what starts as whimsical brooding on the essence of time slowly spirals into darker and darker thoughts. Very cool, and very laid back. I like, for the most part. The last couple of verses are a little weaker then the rest and perhaps could use a tweak, but apart from that, could be a very cool song if set to a slow beat that gradually builds on sound untill it cuts off and the last words echo out.