I need some tips on how to improve my mile time. I can't beat it anymore. I jog a mile almost everyday but I only time it about once a week. My current time is 8:07. exercises that will help me build endurance, stamina, and speed would be helpful.

Edit:Forgot to mention I only have about an hour or two of spare time except on weekends.
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run stairs, not like your house stairs though. Go to your highschool and run the stairs in the bleachers at the football field or something.
try jogging/running more than a mile each day (4-5), also theres a workout where you run a block hard, then jog a block, then run, etc. or you can run several half mile and or quarter miles with a 2-3 minute break between each interval, do enough to add up to 4-6 miles total. if you have been using a track and therefor can't do the run hard every other block go on mapmyrun.com, and just set a course to follow (again 4-5 miles) i run cross country and track i find these workouts the easiest to explain and i do them more often than other workouts. my mile time last year started just under 7 minutes its down to a 5:26 now so these do work
o and lifting weights can't hurt, my coaches have me do it twice a week but i dont know if they're being dicks or if it actually helps with running, either way it wouldn't make you slower
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yeah ^. you can build endurance by being able to run further than the mile. for example, cross country runners run ~6 mi a day, their races are only 3 miles.

be careful with those weights though. they can also seriously mess up your legs by pulling muscles etc.

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Wear ankle weights for like a whole day. My friends say it helps.

DO NOT wear ankle weights. This confuses your muscles and can cause a lot of harm.
increases vertical by 8 to 16 inches (I have done it) That is bound to increase your mile.
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Unfortunately my new school has no football team(=[)...any sports team for that matter so running a track or bleachers is not an option.

About how long will it take to see results if I do about 4 miles one day then rest in a continuos pattern. I'll mix it up a little too.
My current time is 6:37.
I'd say run the mile at least once a week (if you're not already doing so), and try and set a faster lap pace each time.
Also, sprint your ass off on the last lap. It's tiring, but worth it.
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