Don't walk me down this memory lane
You'll leave me stranded here
A tear for every smile
and a smile for each kiss
But no one here to dry them.....

Don't leave me hear with tears
Rolling down my face.
No one here to dry them
Except for the sun
Except for the sun

And my sun dried tears won't last forever
But they sure are real right now
I know this pain won't last forever
But it sure is real right now

Don't hold my hand as we cross the street
Cuz I know I won't let go
And don't kiss my cheek as we say goodbye
Cuz you'll leave me wanting more
"If faith is the answer we've already reached it
and if spirits a sign, then it's only a matter of time"
sounds kind of emo, what type of music are you going to play it with?
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