how do you like the pickups? do they lend themselves well to high gain textures? they seem to get fairly good reviews on hc. how is the tone/clarity from this guitar/pickup combo?
i should be recieving my new (to me) trans black on thursday.

oh, and should i assume i'll be switching out the stock trem with my OFR?
If I'm not mistaken... The DKMG comes with the Active 81/85 set up, unless you're talking about the DXMG or the old DKMG I think came with the passives.

EMG HZs are really muddy sounding and are the worse pickups I've ever used on a guitar (imo).

The Jackson trems are actually very nice and durable, I don't think you'd need to replace it, but if you want to, it couldn't hurt.
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its a previous generation dkmg with the stock HZs.
guess i'll just figure it out for myself when it comes in.
The trem should be fine. As for the pickups, try them with the EMG Afterburner/Jackson Turbo Charger (same thing). You'll probably want active EMGs in the long run though.