So I just got my guitar back from the store which set it up for different gauge strings and it still has fret buzzing!!! I'm def bringing it back, I think maybe the nut slots are too deep from thicker strings I used to use causeing open string buzzing.......are there replacement nuts for schecters?
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I"m pretty n00b when it comes to guitar but...is it possible your the problem as in your not pushing down hard enough? That or for some reason your string has to much room to move and there are several things you can adjust (yourself) to solve this problem. You might not need to replace anything if you try those out first (sorry i'm not help enough to name them but i'm not entirely sure what they are actually called)
You will first have to find out WHERE it buzzes.

Use a play card and hold it along the neck to hear when it hits the card. or.... the more proffessional way, build a small contact with a LED light.
Put string to battery, then another string in your hand (contact to fret). When there is a contact, the LED will blink (dark room better... as it blinks very fast).... (thats a very quick explanation of the thing :P )

or something like that.....

if u can u should also bring it to the shop, cos u probably paid for the setup and if its no good its not worth money.
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