you have to pick the string and touch it very gently with your finger or thumb on the picking hand as you do, while bending the string at whatever fret with your other hand. its tough but i just tried a bunch of times and eventually you get a feel for it.
as soon as you pick the note, scrape your thumb across the string (its much more complicated than it sounds, youtube it)
yep, the technique of "slightly" touching the string with ur thumb after striking the string is more complex than it sounds......but its not really that hard to learn if u get someone to show it to u.
like wat paul gilbert says, think as if u are going to pick the string extra hard.. and that motion will eventually create a pinch harmonic.

there are a few 'spots' too.. inbetween the pickups so u gotta find the 'spot' that can produce the kind of tone u like
Allot of people say to kinda scoop the string, but I find it easiest just to slide down it nudging it with my thumb on the way past.
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best way to learn is to watch videos etc on youtube as description doesnt really tell you exactly how to do it :p - watch various people do it and practice till you find the way that works for you, might take a while

edit: and id reccomend doing it on the bridge pickup with fairly high gain to make it easier
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Also, in addition to what everyone says, I find angling your pick is a huge help- Nothing big is needed, just a 45 degree angle of the pick will do.
Yeah defiantly keep at it, it took me months to get it.
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keep your pick close to the end of your fin gers then when you hit the string just make sure a bit of your finger tip touches the strings
I hit em with my ring finger instead of my thumb you can also do that
Really guys, has anyone ever heard of reading? There are 6 threads active in the last week NOT including this one, that all were general questions about pinch harmonics.

Use the search function. Read the threads. Not just one. Several. Learn. If you still have problems, come back and ask specific questions. State what you are doing, and what the results are. The information on those threads does not go flat from having the container open for a week or a month. Drink it up. Come back and have your glass topped off if need be.

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pinch harmonic

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Pinch Harmonics
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