Hey all.. so probably a thread that wont help me much.. but here goes

I saw this song playing in burger king and it was a country / soft rock sort of song with a guy singing aswell as a woman.

in the video, its a wooden studio with pianos and mics and guitars and looks very snazzy

the guy looks like Colin Hae and the girl looked like a pop singer.. mandy moore maybe. just very good looking.

anyway i have no idea what it is or the lyrics =S for some reason the words
'birch and carroll' come to mind, but they might not even be related.

anyway if anyone has any ideas what this song might be, i would love you forever.
it MIGHT be that bon jovi song, "who says you can't go home"
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bon jovi did some work w/ a country band wth are they called........ i cant remember my sister listens to them ill go see

edit. ah the band is called sugarland, but idk if this is what your looking for or not
i think it's a duet between allison krauss and another guy i can't remember the name of. The song is probably I Ain't Missing You or a similar title.
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yeah isnt it like allison krauss and was it brad paisley, or uncle kracker or someone. idk
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Allison Krauss (has a voice like an angel) and something Waits. The song was a hit for him mid to late eighties. And yes the name of it is "Missing you"