I am a drummer who's learning guitar and enjoys jamming with random guitarists.

So I decided to spend some cash on a combo that can keep up with drums and guitar. Not knowing much about amps I bought the Spider 3 120 amp and now I regret it after really listening to other amps.

I am looking into selling for about 330 dollars since its pretty much brand new.

I am now looking for a tube amp with an effects loop for about the same price, and I am willing to buy used gear if its good equipment. Not wanting to make the same mistake again I am asking all of you which amp should I get? I am looking into either a Vox or Marshall so far.

Oh and one more thing, it must outdo drums and be good for small gigs at my house when friends are over.
Im the drummer = ) - I want a guitarist to play along...

Well, what sort of music do you usually like jamming along to then?
And if it's only for jamming a little five-watter will be fine as long as you don't want loud, clean tones....
How important is the effects loop?
I dont know exactly what that is in English Pounds but i think at that range you'll be better off with one of the better solid states or a modeler from what I've gathered from my recent amp searching
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To my experiance a 15 watt valve amp would get you over a drummer. It wouldn't really be suitable for playing in a venue but that's what they have PAs for.
I can get a 10 watt solid state over a drummer, it wouldn't really work out for gigging but for practice it does just fine.

Anyway, save up a bit more and get a fender BJ (Or go used), Crate Palomino V16, Crate V18, Epiphone Standard.
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I am willing to buy used gear if its good equipment.

Nearly all of my amps were bought used. The only way to go, IMHO.

You don't mention music styles, but I can tell you that you should have little trouble finding a Peavey Classic 30 or a Fender Hot Rod in the $350 range. A 30-40W tube amp that will take care of all your amplification needs for years to come. Squirrel together an extra couple bucks, it'll be money extremely well spent. 15W is good, 30W is better. More clean headroom, more available total volume.

Places to look: Craig's List, pawn shops, music shops, local classifieds, eBay, etc.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
Thats the thing though I play all sorts, but from experience i mostly meet people oriented towards rock with double bass. Metallica, system of a down, types of sound.