Hey, kinda new here, so I'm not exactly sure where to put this topic, but I'll get on with my point.

I was wondering if anyone can explain a great way how to create a chainsaw-like sound on the guitar. The only pedal I have is an Digitech RP50, but I have tried and tired and tried some more on trying to make an artificial chainsaw sound.

So can anyone help me? I kind of need an answer soon (Friday hopefully, =D).

The only thing I can think of is a delay effect with some distortion. But it never sounds quite right, :/.

strum as fast as possible whilst whammy'ing like theres no tomorrow....if i remember correctly

Good Deals:


look at herman li's youtube video on effects it might give you some ideas
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Thanks for the Whammy tip, but as for Herman Li, I pretty much pray to his videos, XD. I kinda already tried going to his videos for this, but nothing really sparked me, ;_;.
look for the live version of anyone can play guitar by radiohead. Jonny makes some cool effects in that songs, some of them sounds like a chainsaw