I'm thinking about getting myselfe a Dunlop DC-Brick to power my soon-to-be footboard. but i have heard some things about it i wanted to ask about. if any of you have any experience with it, a responce would be nice

the brick will be powering amongst others a MXR 10band eq, witch needs 18V. anyone have some experience using the brick with 18V? i have read that a few ppl have problms with some really bad humming when using the 18V output.
As long as you obtain the right power supply, the official DC Brick supply, you'll be totally fine. I got mine from ebay and there was humming using the 18v, so i researched and i didnt have the right jim dunlop adapter, so i bought it (was like £27) and it's been crystal clear. I use it to power my doubleshot distortion.

It really is a great piece of equipment. I use all the 9V, it powers my Boss TU-2 and Line Selector and I use them further again to power 5 pedals, and i use the 18v for doubleshot. The signal is crystal and its very compact. There is a new one coming which i think can power Line 6 style connections as well, cant remember where i saw it.