the flextone is one of the better solid-state amps and it sounds great for metal and is very flexible (Hence the name) but it is by no means as good sounding as a nice tube amp would be. You can get a couple of good tube amps for the same price as the XL. Example; Genz Genz El Diablo 60-c / Randall RG50TC.

Now if your into lots of different sounds then the flextone would be the best way to go but if its mostly metal then one of my previously suggested amps would be better.

If you cant get those amps though then the flextone would be very nice for you and you will have lots of fun playing around with it. I played a flextone in the store for about an hour and was very pleased with some of the sounds i got. Ultimately i haven't decided on an amp for me but it may be great for you.
For those who care.
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