So, I never had a problem with this until I installed Roxio (don't know if its related or not. I don't burn CD's often enough to pinpoint that as the problem). For some reason, when I try to burn a CD in Windows Media Player, It converts all the files, then when it starts back at the first song, it says Burning Song or whatever its supposed to say, then it just stops, and all the songs say Closing Disc, before it even starts burning the first song. After the % gets to 100%, the disc pops out, and this message appears:

"Windows Media Player cannot burn the files to the CD. Verify that the disc is clean and not damaged. If necessary, select a slower burn speed or try a different brand of blank discs."

I've tried like 6 discs, and I've even tried CD-Rs and CD-RW's. Its always worked before. Whats the deal? The discs are definately not dirty, and I even tried lowering the burn speed from 48X to 16X
just use nero burning rom, problem solved
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