Couldn't think where to put this, as it has nothing to do with guitars, so it ended up here

So, I'm really into guys like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Brian Eno. And I have literally no idea how to make music like their's.

I know they probably have banks of rare, vintage synths and stuff (and in AT case some handmade stuff). I guess what I'm really looking for is suggestions of (reasonably) cheap equipment that could get me started making music even remotely similar to those guys.

Help would be greatly appreciated
Moog still makes some affordable analog synth's if I'm not mistaking.
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Get a cheap midi keyboard and a knob controller thingee.
*Buy* programs like synapse orion pro, cubase (sonar?) and adobe audition if you want to record external sounds. oh and a mic/mixer, hook that up to a decent sound card if you're wanting pro results, and huzzah, nice noises.
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Excellent choice of music

I try to make music like that for fun and at the moment I am using a M-Audio Midi Controller and Ableton Live. The stuff I make is no where near the standard of those guys but I still love making it. Give it a thought!
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Drum machine with sampling ability, and a midi keyboard w/ synth will get you a long way. And for that Aphex Twin edge: drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.
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