Alright so I bought this amp online and it's used.
but when I got it I turn it on and plug it
and this really loud squealing come out of the speaker.
i have talked to the previous owner and he is prety sure that the rectifier tube is gone bad.
What do you guys think?
is that what happens when one goes bad?
if it is the tube i will just buy another one and save $50 by taking it to a shop
I only have 1 amp with a rectifer tube and i switched it for a weber copper cap.
Thanks guys
What Brand/Model of amp is it? it could be a bad rectifier, or it could be something else.
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doesn't sound like a rectifier to me, either you get power and no sound, or it blows fuses usually with a bad rectifier tube. Sounds like a microphonic tube to me. Does it happen on all channels, and does it happen with no guitar plugged in?
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