This is my first song and I have written the music on guitar. I think I want to be a song writer. Anyway let me know what you think.

Simple Song

Verse 1

Just a simple song for you
In case you love me too
Don’t give me your bad news
Please tell me we’re not through


Look for me baby and find me tonight
Squeeze me tight and make me feel right
Stay with me and love me tonight

Verse 2

I need to pray, here my prayer
I will be waiting please be there
I am looking but I can’t see you
Lots of pretty girls but none like you


Verse 3

I imagine I am with you now
It’s so hard to be on my own
Another night in my lonely bed
Crazy thoughts going round my head


Verse 4

Something happened to you and me
Why did you set me free?
Love is strange but I know it’s real
I wish you’d tell me how you feel


© Andrew Wood 01.10.07
29 Westcliff Gardens
Warrington WA4 5 FQ
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2 things.

First of all, that copy right at the bottom is worthless unless it's official, which seeing this is your first song, I doubt it is.

Secondly, you should have read the rules before posting. They are at the top of the forum in the announcement. Sorry mate, but I have to report this because your title, is against some of the rules. *reported*

EDIT: And you are in the wrong section of the forum... This is for questions, the main section is for critiques.