A 3 month old Epiphone Les Paul Custom in alpine white in absolute MINT condition, no scratches, no marks, no neck damage etc. never been bumped or knocked and generally well looked after?

I want to put it up for sale because i think i should have bought a Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster instead because i play blues rock music. However if i can't get anymore than £180 for it then i have wasted a lot of money.

Usually about half of what you paid for it. If your lucky 2/3. I'd just keep it, it is an excellent compliment to a Strat.
i guess it is but i'm also saving up for a mixing board/interface and mircophone/stand etc. so i'm a little short of cash, also i gotta pay £20 a month for my gym membership so i could do to sell it really, maybe buy another later on in life when i have the cash.

thanks, do you think £200 is a reasonable price?
I like Epi's just fine, I'm in the US so I guess that about $400 USD. No I wouldn't pay that much for one. If you have Ebay or Craigslist log on and see if you can find a comparable model just to get a rough idea how much they go for over there. Good luck, hope you get a fair price.
I like lifting weights too.
They go for $599 USD + tax on MF so $400 used is a good price. Whether you'd get it is another story.
oh ok thanks, i might as well try then, its not too extortionate especially for a 3 month old one, to be honest, it's practically new but there you go.

thanks guys