I was wondering how many of you guys play music...
what do you play?
I play
some bass....
a ton of guitar
very little but piano
thats about it I love my music how many others do the same?
Well id say most people would play either guitar or bass since this is a guitar forum but i think you sometimes get those people who play none
Electric guitar for me.

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Guitar, a little bass, a little piano/keyboard, i played the recorder in 4th grade =D
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Guitar - electric, acoustic and classical.
Bass - well, if i can play guitar........i can automaticaly play bass (at least simple bass lines)

If forced to, i could prob also play the triangle, spoons, tambourine etc etc
Guitar (electric)
Mandolin (+ octave mndolin + italian mandolin)
ofcourse the piano (although i aint a virtuoso at this)

some banjo (unfortunately dont have one myself)

and i' m longing to play lute .. saving money right now..
and eeh.. maybe i'll buy a synth in the near future
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piano for nearly 10 years, i've not played in a while though, sorta needed a break really.
guitar for just over a year and a half and a little bit off bass aswell
Top lel.
Abit of bass
Abit of Piano
Abit of Harmonica.
I'm best at guiar and drums.
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I can play guitar, bass and violin all proficiently, but my love and passion and all notable musical and technical achievements are on the piano.
Piano (a long time ago, but I remember most of it)

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Started on bass, moved to guitar, and im thinking of learning some sax, I just lvoe that instrument, it's got the best sound of any instrument i've ever heard...
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Guitar, bass and hoping to start piano
Professional Mixing available at request.

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Guitar, Drums, Piano/Keyboard, and I sing (if that counts).

I want to learn Sax, Cello and Bass guitar.
My name is Andy
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drums (much better with a djembe though , I kick ass at those)
upright bass/double bass

and most importantly for me, voice.
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