For this coming X-mas, I've been planning on buying a HSS MIM Strat and upgrading it with Dimarzio Pups (Air Norton Bridge and 2 HS-3s). I was just wondering: would this be considered a good guitar?
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It is an alrite guitar yes, I would say if your willing to upgrade, you might as well. Just make sure you upgrade the bridge, tuners and nut too if your gunna use the whammy, and also for better sustain and tuning stability (which IMO is one of the main problems with MIMs)
Would locking tuners fix the stability issues? Or is it that bad?

I'm not planning on buying a tremolo version.
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

Acoustic B200
I doubt locking tuners will improve tuning stability. Strings usually don't slip at the tuning posts and a good set of ordinary tuners won't budge either. A good bridge and nut on the other hand will improve tuning stability. Especially nuts like the graphtec ones, which are nice and slippery.

But if your neck is unstable, there's not much you can do hardware wise. Except swap the neck
Oh, hardtail version, that gets rid of most of the tuning problems. I would still suggest a bridge/nut upgrade, tuners shouldnt be necesary because you wont use a trem.

Even without the upgrades it will still be pretty good (IMO anyway) but the upgrades just makes it that bit better.
if you like to use the trem a lot. then you are wasting your time. and will eventually need to upgrade the strat anyway.

locking tuners and setting up the strat correctly will keep it in tune. but strat trems are not meant for dive bombs. so make up ur mind as to what type of guitar you want.

if you like a solid, easy to mod, comfortable to play guitar then yes it's good.

if you want a shred guitar then it's not what u're looking for.

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Actually, I'm in the midst of a Van Halen binge, and I was looking at EVH's guitar. I thought to my self "Why not do that?". So here I am.

And in case anybody is wondering, I play low/medium-gain punk with lots of cleans. Think The Offspring meets The Police. Would those pickups be ideal for that kind of style?
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

Acoustic B200
Well VH uses the FloydRose trem a fair bit, the standard fender trem will not do trem work like that without going WAY outta tune, even with a bridge upgrade and nut and locking tuners.

But the PuP selection would do it, hum in the bridge for EVH, singles in bridge and neck for some sexy cleans.