I was using my dremel, with router and some shaper bits to cut easy holes to size in a plastic enclosure that I was installing a little hobby kit amp into. I'm sure you've all seen these types of plastic enclosures all over electronics sites. Anyway, the plastic melts a bit and wraps itself around my dremel bits upon contact, ultimately so much that one grinder bit is usesless.... (I'm just gonna take another grinder bit to it until the plastic is off, so no big deal.) Still, it is a hastle, and I'm sure there's a better way.

If you wanna know why I was using a grinder bit, it was because it was circular and conical and pointy and went up to the exact size of a 1/4 input jack.. basically making the right size hole the easiest way possible.

What do you guys do to cut hard plastic and work with enclosures without getting your tools all covered in plastic thread or melt? Can I just use a different bit in the dremel, do I need to use some lame-ass hand tools, or what?

Thanks in advance!
i might be wrong here but i dont really think theres a way to avoid getting plastic thread on whatever tool you use.........

however i would say like an automatic saw or something maybe?? like something more heavy duty than a dremel anyway.
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One of the best tools I've used for plastic boxes is a tapered hand reamer. Drill a small hole and then use the hand reamer to take it to the proper size. Once you do that you can file any ob-rounds you need for the application.
it's unavoidable with a dremel, unless you have an ultra-low-snail-speed.
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Yeah, if you take it easy, and use a low speed with a hand drill, you should be good.
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