I'm using a Line6 Spider III amp and i'm having trouble finding some tones for it. Can anyone give me some good ones for these bands?:

- Avenged Sevenfold
- Pantera
- Megadeth

NOTE: I am looking for tones, not recommendations for a 'better' amp.
Well you should get a better amp first.....just kidding (kinda). Pantera is the easiest though, set treble real high, bass in the middle, and scoop the mids completely.
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well, generally, you don't need more than 4 Gain, 7.5 Trebble, 3Mid, Bass; usually max

you generally don't want to exceed those values

I use these settings for pedals below





for clean same thing except, BASS is around 3

but those are just the general ways to go, but it also depends on the sound you want to get, for bigger amps, you can get the same settings as a pedal with the basic ones I talked about, its all about preference, different amps react differently, but I just gave some basic outlines for amps in general, you'll still have to do some figureing out, least from my experiences

oh by the way if you use pedals, make the pedal output low and the amp vol output pretty high so you get that clearer sounds, especially with SS amps, but with Tube amps it will sound really good, least from my experiments