Would it be possible to add a bass tremolo bridge to my Ibanez BTB200?

Ive wanted to for a long time, people have told me i need quite alot of space between my bridge and the base of the guitar...

Can anyone help? and where would i go to get it put in?
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Kahler make bass trems, and you would go to a luthier to get it done...I can see the novelty wearing off though.
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they make them that top fit so you don't have to route, so you probably won't need a luthier, but I'd still consult one.
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They're not very common, but it is possible for sure. There are some top-mount ones and ones that require routing. But I agree with shredmeiser101, in that you should consult with a professional luthier.

And here's a video of Les Claypool with his tremelo-equiped bass. He uses it at 1:30 in the video.
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actually dude washburn made a bass with a trem and its pretty good sound to it and is really low sounding and really bassy (for a bass) soo its pretty good for metal and heavyier stuff