I have an Ibanez R7321, but I'm in the US, and it's a little...well, personalized. PM me if you're still interested. I suppose I could get most of the poor paint and finishing and stickers and melted solder offa it, but it still isn't the prettiest guitar, 'cept to me!
I'm selling my Washburn WG587.
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I have a Shine 7 string...no model or serial on it though :S

24 Frets, kinda antique sunburst colour.

I'd let it go for £150 with a hard case.
I took a few there but its 2 minutes to 7 at night, and no natural light = sh!t pictures.

Youll find them at http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y152/0oMikeo0/Shine%207String/

Those are rather poor, but I'll get a few good ones tomorrow hopefully!

I think, if you want, I will have it put in for a proper setup for whatever tuning and gague you like for an extra £50.

Upto you though.

I shall take some good photos ASAP, and post them in the thread, or alternatively you could PM your email to me and I'll send them from there?
lol whoops. Was on my mates computer, bloody well posted under his name!

Has Grover tuners on it BTW, hard to see in the picture...
Only 1 blem on the whole guitar that I can see, its in the last pic, a crack in the lacquer under the Floyd Rose.
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