your second link is dead..
But yea that second link is for a cheap dynamic mic and a Boss BR600

As I said before, the cheap mic isn't going to be great so I suggest a shure SM57 with it which is extremely useful in the studio.
The BR600 is a great portable recorder but be aware that you are limiting yourself when getting something like that because you can't upgrade any software or hardware and editing the tracks is next to impossible...

That mic will work OK for vocals but on anything else is limited and you will be getting lot's of "plosives" because it has a cheap pop filter built into it.

As I said before, I suggest an interface and laptop or desktop PC but if you are truly stuck with one of these units I can only suggest the BR600 before it has a great rep.
Those things are kind of obsolete. You're better off getting an audio interface and a dedicated mixer. Combine those with some decent software, and you've got tons more funcionality than you would with one of those units.
yeah but you see this is only for rough demos and such, nothing professional, and i dont want to spend lots of money on something i wouldnt really need
well anyway, is there anything else someone could recommend in that price range?
preferably 8-10 track
I have a multimix firewire 12 and can use it with laptop and it is very portable. If you have the computer already, its very inexpensive. Don't cheat yourself on the mics, get good ones.

I question you really need a multi-track recorder, especially for rough demos. You just want to do multi-track recordings and you can do that overdubbing one track at a time with a l ot less equipment and a hellof a lot better results in the final mix. This mixer will also let you do a full drumset, but I just mix it to a single stereo track.

To me about the only time you need a multi-track recorder is if you must record the band live in a club or something. Unles you really know what the hell you are doing, that will always sound bad as there is so much bleed through and background noise.

So if you are on a tight budget, make sure you know what you need first.
well what i need is something that will have enough tracks for 2 guitars, a bass, vocals, backing vocals and drums, i only need one track for drums
can anyone recommend a recording program for a pc then?
that will work for windows 2000
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If you want to cut demos for your bands, you would be better off investing that money in studio time, you could find a producer, get it tight, and make a really fantastic record.
no no, its just for like showing the others how i want the songs to sound, then once we practice them we'll record them professionaly