So, I was looking at the tabs waiting for approval today, and I read what the people were saying. No one seems to know how to spell, use capital letters, or type with correct grammar anymore. It's very sad to see, especially when I recall that ninety-percent of the tabs I have seen in the past are like that, with the majority of the remainder just not saying anything other than the tab. It makes me wonder about the pride people show in their work and the attention to simple things such as "he goes" rather than "he go," or better yet someone could say "he plays" or "he uses" or something. That's just me, I personally think tabbers should give a little more attention to what they write than normal IM or forum talk.

By the way, I am also looking for a new book for lessons possibly, and I was wondering what you thought might be the best for a 5-string, metal-genre bassist to learn? I personally would appreciate learning even jazz or classic bass lines, so anything is better than nothing.
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Personally I am not too eager to sing along with this People Don't know How To .... These Days Anymore hymn. ('Back in the old days there weren't so many people complaining that back in the old days everything was better') Maybe you should take into consideration that many contributers are not native English speakers. Many things actually are better than they used to be. One thing among these is musicians from all over the world sharing their knowledge and building this huge database here on UG. I can vividly remember the days that there was no way of getting to know a tune other than asking a few friends, see if there were sheets in the library or sit down and figure it out yourself
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um, the pit?

and also...join the grammar nazis and bitch there

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
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Not to be an ass, but if it bothers you so much, just do it yourself.
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Why do you guys hound so much, I guess looking over my thing it seems a little more of an attack than I originally planned. But I'm not comparing things to the old days, it's just something I saw. Yeah, and I didn't think there was that much of a foreign language speaking audience on UG, I know there are many from other countries, but from what I've seen I didn't think there were many who weren't native english speakers. I'm sorry about that, I shouldn't have made such a big deal about it.

And I usually don't visit The Pit that often, I only know for the most point what is in the Bass Guitar forum.

EDIT: The question at the end was meant to be the main focus, but maybe the fact I was rushing this morning, I might've not been able to think out what I was writing as well as I should have, excuse or not.
I am a lucid dream to the illusionary slumber
Wading in a cesspool of forgotten memory
An insignificant host to the collective subconscious

~Sacred Slumber
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