The new album by Linkin park. Released 2007
but do you think its good or bad?
wot do you think?
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I hate it =P
Bleed It Out and Hands Held High are the only ones i truly like, plus the intro song.
It's an amazingly bold step for Linkin Park to take at this point in their career. Maybe the album didn't turn out as well as Meteora, but it turned out, it isn't terrible, and they were able to explore what they're capable of way more than if they'd cloned the Nu Metal/Rapcore formula they'd established. They may have alienated a portion of their fan base, true, but listen to songs like "Shadow of the Day" and "In Between" and you'll see that they're doing all they can, and it can work for them, and will be truly amazing once the "sequel" comes out.
I love it, but there is a thread exactly like this in the nu-metal forum.

then again, I don't really care or report people or anything, so discuss on!
This thread doesn't belong in the Nu-Metal forum as Linkin Park have almost completely abandoned the Nu-Metal sound on this album.
terrible and generic. And since there is a thread dedicated to all Linkin Park discussion in the nu-metal forum, take this over there please... not to mention a thread on this album too.

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it's pretty good. i didnt like it at first... but after seeing them live i'd have to say their new songs were the best. then after listenign to the new album more i relaized it is actually a good album (it usually takes me a while to accept albums for what they actually are)- its an advance on their old albums which were just a lot of cool songs that all sound pretty the same-ish. and i dont think they would have lost any fans with songs like bleed it out, given up and no more sorrow...

in terms of noticable changes tho, id have to say their more mellow songs and slow / heavy breakdowns are the standouts - which, i think overall work well.

EDIT: its not much of a nu-metal album - verging on modern rock i'd say
Its still a Nu Metal band so get over it
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i dont care. i like the album and thread is here - so i posted in it. and the thread is clearly about the album, not the band in general

tho i guess it would b slightly better in the nu-metal forum - but let the mods decide that
I thought overall the album was a good effort considering they are changing their sound and moving away from the Nu-Metal sound. The album in some parts has got that classic rock feel to it with U2 being a influence on some songs on the album such as Shadow Of The Day. My favourite song on the album is No More Sorrow with that spacey guitar riff and thudding drumming its one of the highlights on the album
Yeah, nu-metal

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