I need to do four solo peices for my college course and I was recommended Joe Satriani's "Z.Z's Song".
Apparently its acoustic like which is good since I need diversity to help get a real good grade so can anyone send me a link or something to find the song on the net cuz ive been lookin for some time now.

Thanks in advance
What songs do you have so far. Satch has some really nice pieces - i would recommend 'midnight' or 'day at the beach'. They are clean tapping songs, they look and sound impressive but in reality are pretty easy to play.
I already have a few other songs in mind like "Europia" By santana.
And a rough blues rock like Hendrix's "Killing floor" or Power to love. (power of soul)
You could do a day at the beach- another tapping song and a whole lot better than midnight in my opinion.
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Joe Satriani - Tears in the rain

link to some guy playing it

and also

Eric Johnson - A song for life

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depending on your skill, you could do crushing day maybe
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its on crystal planet
u shud really buy it
imo satch's best album
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