So I've had quite a few experiences where I've wanted to practice, but I only have an hour and a half or less before I had to be somewhere. That's a good chunk of time, but considering it takes me a good 45 or so minutes to get through all my warm ups it doesn't give me much time to practice well. Anyone have any suggestions of things I can do for periods where I don't have much time?
duh... don't warm up for 45 minutes if you only have an hour to play. Seems unnecessary to warm up for 45 minutes EVERY SINGLE time you play anyway.
Then I'm not playing at my best, which defeats the purpose of practicing, doesn't it? I don't need to warm up every time I play. Once a day works well for me.
Transcribe something
Write a chord sequence, and figure out a chordal melody for it
Jam over a backing track
Arrange a classical melody and accompaniment for guitar
45 minute warm ups?!
I understand the need for warm ups, and I do it all the time, but 45 minutes is pretty extreme. Try doing 15 minutes of warm ups each practice session instead of 45 each day. I usually start my day off with chord memorization and scales, so that way they sort of warm up my fingers. I do an actual warm up before the chords and scales, but starting off simple before school allows me to come home, do a brief warm up (10-15 mins) and get on to actual practicing.

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I usually just do the first few exercises from Rock Discipline, and every major CAGED chord through the cycle of fifths. Takes about 10 mins.
Well I go through a bunch of different chromatic exercises all over the neck. It takes a while, but it definitely works.
hey, I don't mean to bring up an old topic, but I've been thinking about how much time I've been spending warming up. I decided to slow the speed of my warm ups from 90 bpm to 75. Since then, it only takes 15 minutes to warm up, and it is as effective if not more so than before. So yeah, thanks for the suggestions. It's definitely made warming up more tolerable and gives me more time to actually practice.