Hey all,
I picked up a BC Rich Warlock Mick Thomson signature the other day, the guitar comes in black with a white stripe around the edge of the body. I was think of repainting it fluorescent orange with a black stripe in the place of the white one. I though this would look pretty sexy with the black hardware on the guitar, and i might shove a couple of EMG's in it....
Whats everyones opinion about this?
Or anyone got any cool ideas that they could draw or write for me post them on here!!

Picture 1 (theres a pic of the guitar at the moment with the hardware taken out. Sorry about the quality, i took it on my phone )

Thanks guys
It would look rather sexy IMO
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If the white is binding, its gonna be quite hard to get off and change. Id think that a flourescent orange would be odd, i think. The red isnt too bad, on the Mick Thompson Ibanez, but a flourescent 80's-ish orange would be odd IMO. Maybe do a bit darker orange with pinstripes or something like that. Id put a black Kahler trem on it instead of its wrap-around bridge if itll fit. no need to route or put a locking nut on it btw. if u have the money, id go for it.