Hey everyone,
Ive been workin on this song the last couple weeks, and i finally finished recording it.

NOTE: This is my first real attempt at a guitar solo. Its at the end of the song. SO if by some chance you actually listen to the song could you please gimme some crit on the song and perhaps the solo.

Its at www.myspace.com/jerodgee
and its called "NEWest Song"

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Hey man, i just listened to the song. IT KICKS ASS. i quite loved it. The solo was a bit slow but seemed in keeping with the song which is important, well done
I wasn't crazy about the tone, and the middle part was kind of repetitive but I really liked the solo,it really improved the song.

My song is in my profile
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I like it alot. However, I thought the tone could have been a little clearer, everything was kinda bleeding together too much for my taste. The harmony riffs are good. Playing is also very precise.

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the playing is excellent - the recording needs some EQ (it's a little trebly and sounds like the mids are cut too much)

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