It seems common place for many members of UG to call upon the services of the community of this great site. Usually one of these favors entails help in online contests, and I am no different. I come to UG asking a favor, but not for me but my teacher.

A musical guru who, with his head of dreads, and his 24 fanned frets has taught me to respect and (sometimes) tame the many stringed beast that is the guitar. As he has come to my aid, I ask you to help me come to his.

Here in Cincinnati, I know...., we have the (coveted) CEAs, or otherwise known as the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. My guitar teacher, Mr. John Gentry Jr. , has one of his many bands up for nomination for one of these awards in the catagory of World Music. I ask you to help him gain this (prestigious) award, for his reggae band Selecter .

So I implore you, go to this link, and vote for Selecter.

Many Thanks, Peace.
Sorry dude, but if he really deserves it he should win it without personal armies.
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the logic... its. so. precise! you broke the code! hail Omni-Ragnarok for answering lifes biggest question, who is buckethead.
done. and picked everyone else based soley on their names. hope they dont suck.
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^Yeah, that's what I was doing, but then I noticed you don't have to select all of them, just the ones you wanna vote on.
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Er, no.

damn i hate these comments.
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what the fuck does an auction
have to do with a drum battle?

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btw youre avatar is great
couldnt help but laugh

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I couldn't read that...I'm to mesmerized by your avatar...(in the gayest way possible)

not even in the "promote YOUR band" section, because its not yours.

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.