I downloaded bioshock from a torrent and I followed the instructions in the read me

1) Put "paul.dll" & "Boishock.exe" in your install folder (backup the originals incase)

2) Run secu.eg.reg (importing it into the registry)

I made a new folder and put those two files in it, then imported secu.eg and tried to open up the program titled Bioshock but it's not doing anything.

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
What you're doing wrong? I would have thought that was obvious. Downloading a torrent.
I don't see the "moral" lessons. If you wanna give those go down to an abortion clinic or something. That's what stupid people like you like doing, right?

No, nevermind, it must be a lot harder to tell someone what to do in person than it is on the interwebs.
buy the game. its a game worth buying asshole. no, i hardly ever buy games too, but i bought this one. oh... maybe your PC isn't good enough to run it too, keep that in mind.