I want to replace my fender acoustic so here I am. I'm looking for something similar to the Takamine GS330S - or maybe I'll end up getting that - but I have a couple questions. Is the GS330S' body large? Or a thinner, smaller style. I want the same natural, non-glossy finish, but I'd prefer it being a smaller guitar...If you know what I'm talking about and have some models to suggest or could point me in the right direction let me know. I want to spend over $200, but no more than $500. Thanks.
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Look at Ibanez's Exotic wood guitars. I absolutely luv the Quilted Ash acoustic, not only does it look awesome, it sounds so much different than a normal spruce and mahogany acoustic. Its a bit over $400, and its well worth it.
Yeah the Taka is good and fine.
Its a normal Dreadnought body, i wouldn't say its large, but its not small either. I have no problems with a dreadnought personally but anyhoo.
The only good smaller body Acoustics that I have played in your price range are porbably Corts, the Eart200GC has a smaller body, more like a classical guitars body, i quite like it.

Oh and the Ibanez "Exotic woods" are just exotic looking peices of plywood.
They do like nice, but the are laminates, and Ibanez..yeah they make nice electrics, im not sold on their acoustics though, some are OK, but theres better, eg Takamine, Alvarez, Yamaha, Seagull etc