hey UG

i'm new to the world of slides,is there any difference in the way the guitar should be set up and can you suggest easy songs that i should start with.is there any particular finger that the slide should go to
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The action should be high enough so that when you play with a slide, it doesnt ever touch the fingerboard, but low enough to fret notes with relative ease. Usually you put the slide on your ring finger or pinky finger (if you want to fret with three fingers instead of two).
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I use heavier strings as well as the high action, it helps to reduce buzz and just makes it easier. use brass or steel slides for bright twangy sound, use a THICK glass one if you want good warm tone, if it isn't thick, your notes will not sustain worth a ****.

Most slide songs use open tunings Open D Open A etc.....
Here are a few songs that are easy on the slide(although its quite easy to get the hang of it and start improvising)
In my time of dying-Led Zeppelin
Dust My Broom-Elmore James(actually most EJ songs are slide)
Anything by the Allman Brothers Band(they are difficult though)
My sweet Lord-George Harrison
I don't personally like it but George Thorogood uses a slide all the time
and you'll find others

Good luck, Its a blast to play
Another song that has some nice slide licks is "You got the Silver" by the Stones...one of my favorites. It's in Open E.
also there are several types of slide- glass, metal, ceramic, bone and some other strange materials.if ya can try them all out to see which you prefare.i use a glass one as i think it sounds warmer than the metal
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Slide is very fun, yeah pretty much what has been said..Open Tuning, High Action, and Find the Strings that Work for You.
Third finger is the easiest for me. It's all personal preference.

BTW Bonnie Raitt uses the middle finger.
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