youre not alone my friend, but i must admit if vocals are awful then it spoils everything as its one of the hardest things to get right
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I don't understand...musicians generally notice the instruments to most music...
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Your not the only person that listens to music for the instrumental aspect, but lyrics are important causee they give the song a certain feel as well as connect to the listener in a certain way.
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Am I the only one who actually listens to the music of the instruments?

A voice is an instrument.

Also you're a bit of an idiot.
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What the hell are you talking about? You're on a guitar forum!


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To me it doesnt matter if the vocals suck

I can hear past them, and accept that the band needs a new vocalist

but the background stuff is what i listen for

sometimes i can almost start to enjoy the vocals after a while of listening to it
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dude,i dont think we'd be here searching our asses for GUITAR TABS if we didnt understand the music
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Yeah...the guitars, bass, and drums are extremely important to me in a song. Vocals and lyrics are important, but it's not the only important thing.

I looove awesome guitar work.
wait, songs have other aspects than singing and lyrics?!?!

wow, I had no idea!

its not like this entire site is devoted to GUITARS- an instrument!!!
you stupid fucker.
I rarely listen to the vocals, unless the singer actually grabs my interest.
Flame Flame Flame, haha wow um I listen to the music to hear talent and well played guitar and drums and bass and good voice, but I want to hear all this stuff all at the tip top pinnacle of what it should sound like .... In words that I guess the people around here would say, I like it complicated.
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