anyone familiar with high school ap classes? just wondering what u guys thoughts were on these classes and share your exam scores.
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LOTS of projects and super hard tests =D great fun... thats why i dropped my advanced history class this year
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I'm in AP Music Theory and AP Language and Composition (AP English)
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I'm taking AP US History right now. If you want a challenge, take it. Although a couple blow-off AP classes are Biology, Government, and Economy.

Well, Biology is a blow off in my school, at least.
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All AP classes should be hard, but some schools have different teachers obviously etc.

All the ones at my school are pretty hard except im in AP stats which is pretty easy, AP psychology is tons of reading though
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I'm in AP European History. There's just a lot of stuff, and material to know.
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Im in AP English its not that much harder than normal english we just do more work sheets and read different books.
yeah last year i took ap environmental and it was a blow off one but still lots of work. at the school i'm at we're not known for the ap program but i managed a 5 on my exam. now i'm taking ap psychology ap calculus ab and bc and ap physics. lots of work but worth it
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I don't regret any of the AP classes I took. Though, AP US did get pretty anal.

Unlike the guy above, my AP Statistics class was hard.

Or maybe it's just because most of the people in my class were seniors, and we all had senioritis...
dude. ap classes are bull!! i took them every year of high school and the only thing they do is help decide who is the valedictorian and who is the salutatorian. there really is no point.
All of my AP classes are pretty easy - though I haven't taken the exams yet. The only one that's fairly hard is AP US History. The other three are Music Theory, English and Calculus.
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im taking ap computer science and ap calc ab next semester, i dont have the balls to take classes like ap english or ap history.
soph year- Ap Bio got a 5. If you can memorize well this is easy to ace
junior year- Ap Gov & Politics, Ap Chem, Ap US. taking em now, so i dont know what i'l get. nothing lower than a 4 though.
want to take next yr- Ap physics, ap calc, ap euro (i already qualified), ap psych, ap lang or lit

my school is dumb in that you must qualify for the class meaning 40 of about 150 tryouts get in and you must take the exam at the end of the year, it's not optional like it is in other schools. And all the smarter kids here try for ivies. schools like nyu are safeties. so my course load right now is only a little higher than avg. lol

It all depends on the teacher. Half the kids get B's even C+'s in physics but everyone gets 5's on the exam since the teacher is good.
I have an D- in AP Geometry. It's stupid, so much homework and tests are 80% of my grade, and the test will only be out of 20 questions.
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i took AP US history, got a 3
AP Lit - got a 2
AP composition and whatever - got a 3

im an engineer ffs, and my stupid school only offered humanities AP classes..... it sucked
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dude. ap classes are bull!! i took them every year of high school and the only thing they do is help decide who is the valedictorian and who is the salutatorian. there really is no point.
No, if you plan on going to college, your AP scores would help you quite a bit. Not only in getting accepted, but by not having to take the classes out already tested out of.
and tests are going to be worth a lot. In Ap U.S our grades consist entirely of HW and Tests.
HW= 15%
Test= 85%
i have an A- so far, but that can change quickly cuz of the way tests are set up. judging from last years class im set for a 4. a 5 if i try.
AP European History: 4 AP US History: 5
AP English Language: 4 AP Music Theory: 3
AP Art History: 3 AP English Literature: 4
AP stats
AP english
AP history
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Depends on the area you live.
I live in los angeles. All the classes were hard, but well taught

ap euro 4
ap bio 4
ap psych 5
ap us hist 4
ap civics 3
ap calc ab 5

AP scores are based on a bell curve. It's you against everone in the U.S. So even if you fai lthe test, you can still get a 5 if everyone did worse than you.
my advice is to take the hard AP classes. Take Calculus AB and BC, it will seriously help once you get to college. Let me tell you, i'm here at University of Florida, and Calc 1 is a weed out course, which means that only about 30% of people pass it... With the AP credit, you can skip the hardest class and go on to the classes that are trying to teach you, not fail you.
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Take Calculus AB and BC


Ap european history: 4

this year i'm in ap chem, ap us, and ap english

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AP English Lit in WA state (private school)

First time, so no scores; but certainly challenging.
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AP Government, got a 5 on the AP test.
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Ap Chemistry
Ap Us History
Ap Composition

Havnet taken the exams in any of them, though i woulda done well on the history one...i may on the compostion on this year though.
I took AP English and Calculus as a senior in high school.

Got a 5 on the english and 4 on the calc tests... but I'm still taking Calculus 1 cause U of M is a ****ing hard college